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Mouse Problem Amsterdam

Here is how to handle mice in Amsterdam

Did you recently start living in Amsterdam? Then you might not know that there is a big mice problem. Did your cables magically broke, is your food gnawed and are there small turds in your home?Then the mice found a way in to your home. But we have the solution for you.

In the Netherlands there isn’t been a real Winter in a few years. The Winters are soft, what causes the mice to live on. They need a warm space for the Winter and crawl into your home in Amsterdam. In a big city like Amsterdam there is a lot of food, what also causes a lot of mice. The buildings are old, and have enough holes for the mice to enter your home. Also, Amsterdam has a lot of canals, so there is more food in Amsterdam, but also more to drink for the mice.

How do you get rid of the mice? Here are three tips:

  1. Repair big openings and gaps.

This makes sure it’s harder for the mouse to enter your home. You can repair the openings and gaps with ‘muisstop’ which is a kind of glue, where the mice can’t bite through. If you can’t find that, another option is to stuff the openings and gaps with ‘staalsponzen’ you can find those at almost every supermarket or hardware store.

  1. Traps

There are different kind of mousetraps to get rid of mice. You can choose for a clamp or for a trap in which the mouse stays alive. Some people might think that adhesive plates work to. The adhesive plates are strictly forbidden and they are very animal unfriendly. The mouse is stuck to the plate and has a long struggle before it dies.

  1. Call Anti Pest Control

The professionals from Anti Pest Control work with the IPM (integrated pest management) method. They come to your home to inspect the situation. The professionals from Anti Pest Control speak English very well. So, they will be able to help you. They collect all the data they need to get rid of the mice in your home. The data they need are: the quality of hygiene and plague animal risk areas. If they did the inspection the professionals are going to determine which animal is in your home, and how it acts and lives. After this the professionals are repairing all the holes in your home, so that the animals can’t come in anymore. Anti Pest Control is going to check with you if the animals stayed away after this. If not, the professionals will work with mice poison. After this your home will be 100% mice free.