Mice in Amsterdam

What are they

In house, the house mouse is the most common type of mouse. House mice, like the brown rat, are omnivores.They can enter the house through openings of 0.5 cm, often they look for hollows and enclosed safe places, such as under or behind cupboards, in spaces between walls, between ceilings and so on. They often run along the edges of the rooms and leave a gray-black abdominal trace and mouse droppings on the places where they pass by. A natural enemy of the house mouse is the cat.

How do you prevent them from coming in the house

You can take the following measures yourself to prevent a plague and to ensure that combating with poison or catching with a mouse trap is not necessary:Make sure that mice do not find food around your living environment. This also applies to the barn, the garden, the parking lot and places where waste is stored.Do not leave materials and rubbish for a long time, because this gives mice the opportunity to make a nest.Keep waste in well-closable containers before it is disposed of. The same applies to food that you keep inside.

Ensure that mice can not enter through openings such as openings (larger than 0.5 cm) in external walls, air vents, doors that are not properly closed, windows, seams and cracks. You can buy a kit at www.mousetrapshop.nl  to seal small holes (mousestop). You can also use coarse steel sponges.

Who you gonna call

Cats are generally excellent mice catchers. Your home becomes less attractive once mice have smelled that there is a cat in the house.In addition to our advice you can always pest control company like Anti Pest Conrol.