The basics of the vermin in Amsterdam

Did you recently start living in Amsterdam? Then here is some information you might need to enjoy your stay. Amsterdam is a densely populated city with lots of different vermin. In this blog you’re going to find the most common vermin and how you as an expat can handle the vermin.

The most common vermin in Amsterdam are:

  • Mice
  • Pigeons
  • Cockroach
  • Ants
  • Moles
  • Rats
  • Flies
  • Fleas
  • Wasps
  • Silverfish


These vermin all need a different kind of pest control. These vermin can cause damage in and around your house. Not everyone of these vermin is easily controlled. As an example: the termite is a bad one who can cause a lot of damage to your home. The termites need to be controlled with a lot of chemicals that can be dangerous to be around. In this case it’s important to ask an expert from Anti Pest Control. They know exactly how to handle this kind of situations and this kind of chemicals.

In every season there are different vermin. The most common ones also come in different periods of time. It’s possible that in the summer you’ll be having trouble with wasps whom find your sweet drink while you’re ventilating your home. In the winter it’s possible you’ll be having trouble with mice who are looking for a safe place to hide.

You’re going to need help from the experts from Anti Pest Control. The experts know exactly how to find out which vermin is bothering you, and how to locate the vermin. After they have located the vermin and where they came from, they are going to control them. If you aren’t happy with the results or the vermin came back somehow, then Anti Pest Control is coming to your doorstep to make sure they are 100% gone.

Are you having trouble with mice in or outside your house, and you have no idea how to handle them? In the Mousetrap shop we have different kind of mouse traps that will make sure you can control the mice in and outside your house.

There are a few types of mousetraps we offer:

  1. Agis mouse trap
  2. Snap-E mouse trap
  3. Hidden Kill trap
  4. Victor metal mouse trap

Agis mouse trap

The Agis mouse trap is overall the best mouse trap. It has a very easy set-up which is hard to beat for the mouse. This mouse trap is re-usable, quickly and efficiently eliminating mice. The trap isn’t very large, but even though it is still doing his job. The re-usable trap is cleanable with water, which makes it very easy to use again.

Snap-E mouse trap

The snap-E mouse trap is a classic-style trap which snaps better than any other trap. The mouse trap is made from plastic and steel. This trap is also designed to be re-used and you can easily dispose the mouse that has been trapped. With this trap there is no bloody mess, but only less mice in your home.

Vensmile Humane smart no-kill mouse trap

The humane mouse trap doesn’t kill the mouse. It’s an animal friendly way of capturing the mouse, whom you can set free far away from your home afterwards. The mouse gets lured into the trap with something like peanut butter. The trap is transparent, by this you’ll be able to see if there is something inside the mouse. With this trap you can easily transport the mouse to a different location.

Victor metal mouse trap

Everyone knows this trap, it’s the most common and easy to get mouse trap. The traps are cheap and really familiar. The trap is a snap trap, what means the mouse will get stuck in the trap and will die. Watch out you don’t get your fingers stuck while setting this one up, but it will do the job!

Looking for other traps? We offer more traps on our site( then only these four. Check them out and let your house be mice free in no-time!