Vermin is becoming a bigger problem in The Hague, rats and mice are in your living space. This is insanitary and very annoying for you as resident. Why are vermin more common in The Hague then in smaller cities and what can you do about it as expat in The Hague?

Why is The Hague important?

The government of the Netherlands is in The Hague, also the embassy and the royal family are located in The Hague. Furthermore, more and more students, expats and tourism are coming to The Hague. This means there are a lot of temporarily living area’s in The Hague.

Vermin in The Hague

Because of the students and tourism, the catering industry in The Hague keeps growing. You as an expat may also like these places and drink and eat outdoors every once in a while. This is good news for the rats and mice in your neighborhood. This means more food which causes the rats and mice to live on longer and they can easily grow their families. You as an expat can help by keeping your living area clean and putting food away in closed storage boxes. This way they won’t have as much food which makes your home a lot more unattractive for the rats and mice.

What can you do to control the vermin?

There are several ways that can help you to control the vermin. But pest control isn’t everything. It’s also very important to prevent the rats and mice from coming into your living space. If you are going to live in The Hague for a short or longer period of time, check your living space for holes and gaps where rats and mice can come in. If you find any of these use kit to close them and prevent the rats and mice to come in. However, if they already found a way in our if you aren’t sure if its good enough, then it’s a good thing to use some insecticide.

1. Mousetraps

An easy way to catch rats and mice is a mousetrap. Put a piece of cheese or other food on the trap so the rats and mice get lured into the trap. The mousetrap is reusable, so you won’t have to buy new traps every time.

2. Living mousetraps

If you don’t like the way mousetraps work, there are different ways. You can use living mousetraps to capture the rats or mice alive. Make sure you empty the trap a long way from your home, so you won’t let the rats or mice back in instantly.

3. Anti Pest Control

The easiest way is to call the experts from Anti Pest Control. They can check what the problem is, where the problem is and help you very soon. They know how to handle with rats and mice or other vermin, so your house is clean and vermin free in no time. If your neighbors or other expats you know have the same problem, sent Anti Pest Control over and they will also help them very quickly and efficiently.