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Pest infestations of any kind can be a total hassle. Pest infestations that involve rodents like rats and mice can be particularly difficult to manage for many. Rodents aren’t as small as many other pests are, after all. If you want to take charge of a frustrating and persistent rat or mice problem in your home or business in the Netherlands, then we can help you out here at Anti Pest Control. We accommodate the extermination needs of customers in Rotterdam.


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Do you want to get rid of a persistent rat or mice problem in your space in bustling Rotterdam? If you do, then it’s up to you to reach out to our local business. Our exterminators are trained professionals who know about all of the most effective rat and mice handling techniques that are in place. They know about all of the most effective rat and mice prevention techniques as well.

If you have any concerns about rat and mice infestations, we can turn them around for you. We can help you figure out indications of rat and mice infestations, too. If you have a troubling rat or mice infestation on your hands in Rotterdam, then you may notice several key things.



Spotting a dead carcass can be a telltale indication. If you notice the body of a rodent that has gone beyond its expiration date, then there’s a strong chance that your space is overflowing with others at this time.

Rodents are notorious for being big chewers. If you observe the presence of any chewing marks in your space, then a rodent invasion could be responsible. Take a look at the food packages that are inside of your kitchen cabinet. Rats and mice have impressive chompers. That’s the reason that they can sink their little teeth into insulation, wood and wiring. If you observe cardboard chew marks, then odds are high that you have many pesky rodents all throughout your space.

Focus on the appearance of your interior walls. If you see any strangely “oily” stains anywhere, then that may mean that you have a rodent problem. Rodent bodies tend to release oils that are conspicuous visually.

If you observe any hints of strange stool matter anywhere, then there’s a massive chance that you have a rodent situation somewhere in your property. Do not ever brush off indications of feces anywhere in your structure. You may pick up on these close to your various garbage cans. You may pick up on these close to food products in your kitchen as well.

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